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Market My Company is a Creative Marketing Agency, specialising in Digital Marketing for businesses who demand results! From Website Design, Facebook Advertising, Google Ads, Email Marketing - We complete it all.

Market My Company is a Creative Marketing Agency, specialising in Digital Marketing for businesses who demand results! Don't waste another dollar trying to figure it out. We're ready to take care of everything, so you can get on with running your business.

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At Market My Company, we work with businesses who are hungry to grow. Owners who are striving to take the next step and increase revenue.

If you’re ready to invest in your business with quality Digital Marketing then there’s no better time than NOW!

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Market My Company partner with you to create a bespoke, results-focused strategy to guide you towards your goals.

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Digital Marketing - What's the deal?

Unless you have an exceptionally niche product and target market (selling hemp blankets to off-the-grid hipsters, or tinfoil helmets to conspiracy theorists, perhaps?), we can just about guarantee that your customers are online.

The teen who loves fashion? She’s Snapchatting her friends while begging her parents to buy her that on-point backpack she’s being retargeted for with Facebook Ads.
The DINK (double-income-no-kids) millennial couple? They’re tagging each other in Facebook product posts over dinner and impulse buying daily deals via email.
The Mum of two who shares a minimum of three pics of her kids on Instagram each day? She’s buying educational toys (and Rosé) online, based on the recommendations of her favourite bloggers and influencers.
The retiree who spends his newly found free time tinkering on a classic car or tending to his garden? He’s researching the best deals on the iPad his grandkids bought him and buying spare parts on TradeMe.

Market My Company’s marketing experts have a wealth of experience in digital strategy, writing for the web, social engagement, Facebook advertising, Google Ads and website design – which means we’re genuinely passionate about digital marketing and getting YOUR business noticed online.



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