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Research shows more than 90% of consumers trust recommendations from influencers over content from brands directly. That’s huge! Which means Influencer Marketing is the next BIG thing.

What IS Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is about relevant and results-driven marketing, in partnership with influencers such as social media influencers, bloggers and YouTube vloggers.

It’s a fusion of conventional and innovative marketing tactics – revolutionising the celebrity endorsement model for a new generation, where bloggers and social media influencers collaborate with brands to create meaningful, content-driven marketing campaigns that connect, engage, and drive REAL results.

Influencer Marketing is all about reaching your niche with meaningful, content-driven campaigns. We can streamline the process of connecting your brand with trusted and talented influencers who are excited to tell your story.

How We Connect YOU with Influencers

Whether you’re launching a new product and looking to increase exposure, or you want to create a customised Influencer Marketing strategy, Market My Company can help.

You brief us on your next big project or an idea for a campaign, and we’ll help you finalise your strategy, set your goals, and then recommend relevant influencers we feel would be a great fit for your brand and story.

We can connect you with influencers across a range of industries, including...

  • Health and beauty
  • Food
  • Kids and parenting
  • Education
  • Fashion
  • Music and entertainment

Our network of handpicked influencers cover every imaginable niche; from lifestyle, sport and beauty, to entertainment, food, fashion, gaming – and everything in between. If you have an influencer in mind, we can help you reach out to them, agree on partnership details, and plan your campaign.

Influencer Marketing Matters

Working with influencers offers SO MANY great benefits to brands – including raising brand awareness, reaching an engaged niche audience, building trust, enriching your content strategy, driving conversions, and much more!

As a branch of digital marketing that is all about the end user’s interests and engagement, Influencer Marketing can reach and convert audiences that traditional media forms – such as print and radio – struggle to access.

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