Want to learn more about Traditional Marketing?

Traditional Marketing isn’t dead!

While it can sometimes prove a more expensive means of promotion than digital marketing, traditional marketing still has its place – particularly when it offers the opportunity to reach a niche or highly targeted market.

What is Traditional Marketing?

When we talk about Traditional Marketing nowadays, we’re most commonly referring to a broad range of promotion and advertising methods that have been in use by companies for years.

These generally include print, broadcast and direct mail – for example:

  • Print advertisements in magazines and newsletters
  • Postcards
  • Brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Flyers
  • Radio advertisements
  • Television advertisements
  • Posters
  • Billboards

Why Traditional Marketing Matters

In an increasingly digital world, traditional media has become the exception rather than the norm… which means it can actually help your brand stand out.

Print materials like brochures or product catalogues – tangible things that your clients and prospects can actually hold in their hands – can be reviewed, taken away, shared, highlighted and filed. Door hangers and flyers can reach your local audience literally where they live. Radio and television ads can reach a wide audience and help position your brand as high profile. Billboards can be a greats means of driving brand awareness to captive audiences in a specific location.

How We Can Help with Traditional Marketing

Whether you’re looking for advice and strategy to help you spend your budget wisely, you need a snappy script for your radio ad, or you want our team to create the copy and design for your print ad or billboard, Market My Company offers expertise in all areas to get your Traditional Marketing noticed!

We’ll create an eye-catching ad that aligns perfectly with your brand identity – focused on helping you attain your key goals. We’ll design a brochure that prospects want to pick up and hold onto long after that trade show and inspires them to make an enquiry. We’ll write an advertorial that puts your best foot forward – without sounding like a sales pitch.

Need help reaching your niche with traditional marketing? Get in touch now to talk about your big idea or upcoming project.


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